Surgery Appointment Form

  • Please note all NEW CLIENTS will pay $40 for an examination (per pet) in addition to the services requested. This is to ensure your pet is well enough to undergo a procedure that requires anesthesia.
  • *Please note that all surgeries do require a pre-operative exam ($40) if one has not yet been performed at Animal House. In some instances, we will request that you come prior to your scheduled surgery date for a pre-operative examination and explanation of treatment plan.
  • Please choose your preferred surgery date. Choosing this date does not guarantee that the surgery will be scheduled on your desired date but we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Please note all orthopedic procedures are performed on Wednesdays only.
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  • Please choose from ONE of the following options for the unusual instance your pet may need resuscitation due to anesthetic or surgical complications.
  • At my request, to help reduce the risk in conjunction with the above surgery, I (REQUEST/ DECLINE) that blood testing inclusive of a Complete Blood Count (CBC), a Comprehensive Blood Panel (CHEMISTRY) and an IV Cath & Fluids be performed at an additional charge of $130.00
  • Animal House occasionally shares photos on our social media outlets of happy pets.Do we have your consent to share your pet's photo on our Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok pages?
  • Protecting your pet from harming their surgical incision site is of great importance during the recovery period. If this does not apply to the procedure you selected, then please select "does not apply". Please indicate the type of collar you prefer.
  • Additional services available the same day of surgery.
  • Typing your first and last name here acts as a legal, digital signature authorizing Animal House Veterinary Clinic to use this information to schedule an appointment and provide the services requested on the scheduled date.
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