223 Largo Drive, Nashville, TN 37211 | 615-834-6441 | animalhouselargo@gmail.com

223 Largo Drive, Nashville, TN 37211 | Ph: 615-834-6441 | animalhouselargo@gmail.com

Wellness Packages

Wellness Packages

We know you want the best for your canine family member, and so do we! Our wellness packages are the cost-effective way to make sure your pet gets all the preventive and routine care he or she needs to stay healthy.

Our packages guarantee the highest level of care for your pet and eliminate the guesswork!

  • Puppy package from $125- $152 
  • Kitten package from $116- $143
  • Adult dog package from $180
  • Adult cat package from $113-$180
  • Senior dog & cat package from $370
    • Includes an extensive blood panel that allows us to determine if your pet is experiencing and subtle changes in kidney, liver and endocrine functions. We recommend this be completed annually as it helps us treat, diagnose and prevent disease early.

Our Wellness Packages do not include monthly heartworm prevention, pricing for prevention is as follows:

  • For cats –
    • Revolution Plus $24 per single dose, $128 for 6 months
  • For dogs –
    • Advantage Multi Topical $24 per single dose, $128 for 6 months 
    • Simparica Trio $29 per single dose, $165 per 6 pack, $329 per 12 pack.

Have questions about our Wellness Packages or want to enroll your pet? Call us at (615) 834-6441.