Catrina Herd, DVM

Practice Owner / Veterinarian

Dr. Catrina Herd graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. A native of east Tennessee, Dr. Herd moved to middle Tennessee that same year. Her first son, Spencer, was born in 2008. Shortly after, she became the full-time veterinarian for Williamson County Animal Control.

In December 2009, Dr. Herd took a position with Animal House Veterinary Clinic. Less than two years later, in April 2011, she purchased the clinic (and as of 2019 she is 100% owner)! Then in April of 2014 her youngest son, Holden, was born.

Dr. Herd is known for her thoroughness, excellent diagnostic skills and great bedside manner. Her patients love her even if they don’t love going to the doctor! She has the heart of a teacher, and loves the days when she can teach a young veterinarian or a technician something they didn’t know.

She gives many of her free hours to help with animal rescue and is always willing to go above and beyond for a sick animal.

In her spare time, Dr. Herd enjoys spending time with her family at their cabin on the lake, or at the beach… any beach… just give her a beach and she will be happy!

Years in Practice:
University of Tennessee Knoxville



Katie Heckel, DVM


Dr. Katie Heckel is from the home town of Perrysburg, Ohio but she spent many years of schooling and working in Columbus, OH. Her undergraduate focus at Ohio State was in both biology to fulfill the veterinary school prerequisites and in Spanish to allow her to be bilingual. She spent a summer abroad in college in Toledo, Spain staying with a Spanish family to completely immerse herself into the culture.

She has been married almost 10 years now and currently resides in Spring Hill with her two children Brandon age 7 and Mackenzie age 3. As if these TWO don’t keep her home life busy enough mix in her forever shedding white spunking Siberian Husky and her cat Mika.

Her free time is spent singing, traveling, being creative or being active! Watching or going to The Ohio State buckeyes or The Pittsburgh Steelers football games is a must. She stays active by playing women’s volleyball league and group workout classes at gym. Her other hobbies include scuba diving on summer trips, scrapbooking, cooking, home improvements, and traveling back home to Ohio or Florida to see the rest of her family.

Years in Practice:
Ohio State University



Benton Harvey, DVM


Dr. Benton Harvey, a Nashville native, graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in May, 2015. Later that same year, he earned his Masters in Public Health with a Veterinary Concentration.

After being away for eight years attending school, then spending his first three years of practice in Kentucky, Dr. Harvey is excited to be back home in Nashville.

Dr. Harvey used to characterize himself as more of a dog-lover, but after adopting his sweet, loudmouth, orange tabby cat, Buddy, two years ago, the felines have won him over. Still, having grown up with Labrador Retrievers, he looks forward to having a lab of his own one day. For now, Buddy is keeping him in line.

Outside of work, Dr. Harvey loves to be active with his girlfriend whether that be playing ultimate frisbee, hiking, paddling, camping, or dancing. He also enjoys connecting with his church community, traveling, and watching movies. As an avid sports fan, Dr. Harvey also enjoys watching sports, especially college basketball and ultimate frisbee whenever possible.

Years in Practice:
University of Tennessee Knoxville



Laura, LVMT

Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician

Laura was born in Salinas, CA then moved to Vero Beach, FL when she was 10. She met her husband, Mark, when she started working at Publix right after high school. They got married a couple years later and moved half a dozen times before landing in Nashville in the fall of 2018 when she joined us. Every year since she was a baby, her and her family would go to Jalisco, Mexico three months out of the summer to be with the rest of the family. In those months, she grew up on her grandparent’s ranch which had an array of cows, goats, chickens, dogs, and so much more. She loved every creature they had and she would tell her grandfather that when she was older she’d be a vet and come and take care of his cows.

Laura attended Brown Mackie while they lived in Louisville, KY and got her associates as a Veterinary Technician, graduated in 2015 and shortly after took the VTNE and is now a Licensed Vet Tech. One thing she is very passionate about is client education as well as her continuing education. On her free time, she is most likely cuddling with her fur babies, Lizzie and Avi, reading a book, or binge-watching a show on Netflix with her husband.



Callie, LVMT

Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician

Growing up in Chapmansboro, TN, Callie is a rare native Tennessean! She has always had a desire to work with animals and graduated from Columbia State Community College in 2010 as a Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician.
After working at several other veterinary clinics around town, she finally found us and joined our team in November of 2016.

Callie has a small zoo at home that include dogs, cats, a lizard and a small two-legged human puppy. When she is not working, she loves to read, listen to music and hang out with friends. Though we’re pretty sure her favorite hobby may be taking naps! 🙂

Columbia State Community College




Surgery Assistant

I’m always surprised to meet a vegetarian who doesn’t like green peppers, but here’s one!

What can we say about Jen.. She is one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. She graduated from Washington State University with degrees in Zoology and Wildlife Ecology. She and her husband love to travel the world and were married on a beach in Greece! Yes, Greece … so jealous 😉

Jen has an extensive background working with and handling animals. She has worked for an emergency animal clinic; she was a Carnivore Keeper at the Nashville Zoo; and when time permits, she still enjoys volunteering with Animal Rescue Corps. The animal kingdom continues after work also when she gets home to her sweet, senior kitty, Thomas and her fabulous 3-legged pittie, Mulligan (who Jen and Mark adopted from us in 2012).



Vet Assistant

Behold the rare animal, a Nashville native! Sam joined the Animal House family in April of 2017 after getting her bachelor’s degree in animal science from Tennessee Tech University. She spent a short period of time working at Bass Pro Shops, but we’re pretty sure she was born to work in the veterinary field. She is wonderful with animals and even pretty good with clients too!

When Sam isn’t working, she loves to read, watch movies, and cheer on the Nashville Predators (not necessarily in that order). She has a Blue Hellion, I mean a Blue Heeler named Gypsy and it is rumored that she has a pet platypus though no one has ever actually seen it.




Vet Assistant

Judy has worked at several clinics in the Nashville area, as well as emergency clinics. We finally won her over in 2008. She brings years of experience and knowledge to our staff and oversees hospital patients as well as daily surgeries.

Judy has a great passion for all animals but is especially fond of horses and pit bull dogs. You can tell her guy Joey (in this photo) loves her too!




Vet Assistant

Jordan has been around animals and has loved animals her entire life. She has volunteered with many local rescue groups by fostering animals, working at emergency shelters, working fund-raising events, screening potential adopters, helping with transport… there’s really not much she hasn’t experienced in the rescue world! Jordan also spent two summers working at the Nashville Zoo as a summer camp counselor.

Her mother says Jordan has wanted to be a veterinarian just about since the time she could talk. So it’s really no surprise to any of us that Jordan began attending Vet School at the University of Tennessee in the fall of 2017. Lucky for us, Jordan enjoys this work so much that she comes back to work with us during her summer breaks and many of her other breaks during the year!




Vet Assistant

Like many of our staff members, Scarlett spent a couple years working in animal rescue before joining the Animal House family. She has taken in strays her entire life and currently has 7 strays living with her. OK… 3 of those “strays” are her husband, son, and daughter. The “real” strays are her 3 cats (Beau, Tux, and Mia) and her only dog, Kayak.

If you have a project, or want something organized, Scarlett is your girl! She enjoys painting, reading, and talking. Oh the talking… I don’t think she’s ever met anyone with whom she couldn’t have a conversation! If she stands still long enough, be prepared to hear a lot of stories!




Vet Assistant

Eva came to us in the Summer of 2019, and we don’t know what we would do without her! She hails from Vermont and moved to Nashville for bigger and better endeavors. She is attending Nashville State to retrieve her degree. Eva’s goal is to eventually become a veterinarian and aid in saving animals’ lives. In the meantime, Eva finds herself relaxing with family, taking long walks, and sitting cozy on the couch watching her favorite shows on Netflix. Eva’s home is full of wagging tails and smiling faces, where she has 6 pets and even a pet fish!




Vet Assitant

Yes- we do have a new male vet assistant! This is Austin. Austin has lived in the area his whole life, coming from Antioch, TN. Austin tells us that the reason he wanted to join our clinic is due to his love for animals and wanting to make a difference working with them. He is always a team player and gives amazing attention and care to all our patients that come through our doors. Outside of work, you’ll find Austin playing baseball, bowling, and going to dog parks with his two dogs. He has a beautiful Australian shepherd, a miniature dachshund, and a crested gecko that he calls his best pals!




Vet Assistant

This is Vanessa. Vanessa has been in Tennessee for a while but is originally from Mexico! She was one of our clients turned employee over the summer. Vanessa has an immense amount of love for animals and wanted to expand her knowledge in the animal care field- so we figured it was fitting to add her to our team! Vanessa enjoys many things in her free time, such as hiking, reading, drawing, and even thrift shopping to name a few! We’ve seen Vanessa in our clinic with her three cats, but there is word that he even shares her home with a pet snake as well!




Vet Assistant

Audrey is one of our newer Vet assistants at our clinic. We met Audrey during her time as an employee at one of the rescues we see before she moved out west to CO last year! She figured it was time to move back home to Tennessee this year and has been at our clinic ever since! Audrey enjoys helping animals because “it makes her heart happy”! The love she shows our clients and their pets is amazing and very sincere. Audrey is a very well-rounded person and enjoys listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, cooking, and kayaking in her free time. Her best friend is her Great Dane, Henry James, who is her giant lap dog!




Customer Service Representative

As near as we can remember, Lorie has been with us since some time in 2011. She began by spending many hours and days as a volunteer, then in the fall of 2014, she joined us as a full-fledged paid employee.
If Lorie looks familiar to you, she is also the co-founder of FLUFF Rescue and spends much of her “free time” helping our friends of the feline persuasion.
At last count, Lorie has seven feline dependents of her own.




Customer Service Supervisor

Hailing from the crisp, sandy beaches of South Carolina- this Charlestonian is named Jess. Jess came to us in the Summer of 2018 to join our Customer Service squad. Jess graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in nothing animal-related, but has since fallen in love with veterinary medicine. However, she plans to go back to school eventually.

In Jess’short time here, she has adopted a new dog (who you might see behind the front desk from time to time), found her Yang (aka Kelley), and has become a vital member of our staff. Jess is always caring and kind-hearted and will never leave you unattended!




Customer Service Representative




Office Manager

After spending the majority of her life in the retail world, Karry needed more. She needed to feel like she was doing something to make a difference in the world around her. She began volunteering with some groups after the 2010 Nashville flood and loved it! That led her to some animal rescue groups, and finally, she had found her passion. Karry left the retail world behind and joined the Animal House family in the fall of 2012.

Karry was born and raised in Minnesota and still loves to follow her MN sports teams, but the frigid cold chased her to Tennessee in 1988.
Karry and her wife have a big family full of wonderful, rescue animals. The latest count is three Chihuahuas, one Dachshund, one Werewolf mix, one Persian kitty, and one blind possum-cat.




Office Staff

Gayle has been in animal rescue for many years. She joined us full time in the summer of 2009 after retiring from the corporate world. She is still part of a rescue organization and, like the rest of us, can’t say no to the many strays that come through our doors.




Kennel Staff / Future Veterinarian

Spencer joined Animal House in April of 2011. Not yet 3 years of age, he had a natural love for the patients. When not playing and doing all things boy, he devoted himself to all things animal. Because of his demanding schedule at Primrose Primary School, he was unable to spend many hours with us. But the few he did spend found him busy helping our clients and their animals (when he wasn’t grabbing our pens, highlighters, stapler, calculator, etc. and running through the clinic with them).

We anticipate Spencer’s graduation from the University of Tennessee, School of Veterinary Medicine in May 2033. We will, at that time, update his biography.

In his spare time, Spencer enjoys Karate and swimming. He loves playing with his Legos and drawing on anything that doesn’t move.




Kennel Staff / Future Veterinarian

We believe Holden may be on the fast track to vet school. Well, maybe he needs to be able to speak full sentences first; and maybe he needs to be able to notice that the chart he is holding is upside down; but other than that — Fast Track! He spent some time in Colorado attending an Ultrasound Workshop, with his friend Wyatt, and we’re sure we can put those new skills he learned to work very soon.
Some of Holden’s favorite activities are opening cabinets and removing everything from the cabinets. We’re sure that will come in handy at some point.
He is also a child of technology – give him a remote control or a cell phone and he is one happy boy!